Since 2007 riders of the Epona Spanish Riding School obtain a certificate in horse breeding and horse training. Since 2012 our riders who have a horse breeders’ certificate can acquire a secondary qualification as a riding instructor at the University of Physical Education in Budapest.

Entry requirements:

  • anybody without qualifications must be between the ages of 16 and 23

  • medium level of riding skills (a stable seat, consistent contact through the reins, knowledge of the riding figures)

There are no tuition fees or admission costs. We have thirty highly trained stallions at the disposal of our students. Our two riding instructors are Ágnes Borsó and Dorottya Borsó, whose work is complemented by Spanish riders and highly skilled assistant riders. Besides being trained to a high level of riding, in our stud our students also gain knowledge and experience in the breeding and general care of horses as well as the training of young mares and stallions.
It is our aim to train highly skilled experts for the equestrian community, to promote our equestrian culture and to expand the horse-population of Hungary with horses from world-famous studs.
Our institution is the fifth European Riding School where equestrian experts are trained in a closed system and using such highly trained horses.
To apply send a CV in email ( and contact

Dorottya Borsó +36 30 9 857 470,
Ágnes Borsó +36 30 9832 533