Dressage Riding Holidays in Hungary

Welcome to Hungary and our national Spanish Riding School near to Budapest.

Hungarians are famous for their riding culture, everybody heard about the horseback archers, later about the famous Husszars. But only few people heard about the fact that before the second World War we also had a Spanisch Riding School in the Castle of Buda.

The riders where all from the famos military riding academy in Örkénytábor/ Ludovika.

But the War and the coming difficulties of the history destroyed the covered Riding School in the Castle, just like riders and horses.

Our Family is working now over 18 years hard on revitalizing this fantastic tradition.

We are a rider family with more than 30 years of horseman experience. We work with Spanish horses from the year 2000, and succeded to built a Spanisch School forming professionel riders as well as breeding and training horses in 2007. From 2008 we work together with the honorable family Domecq in Spain, to build the new Spanish School in Hungary in the most authentic way, preserving also the Hungarian riding tratitions.

From 2002 we had a lot of important shows.

From 2009 we performed in the Castle of Buda over 4 years , since than all over Europe with our highschool horses and riders.

Our stud is located near to Budapest (in direction Viena next to the highway M1) next to a small Village called Szár, in a beautiful countryside at the foot of Vértes mounten. Here we have our indoor riding school and several outdoor arenas for the training, almost 30 Ha of pasture for our mares and foals to grow up as well as several padocks and trail riding possibilities for the relaxation of our more than 30 schoolmaster stallions.

We have more than 60 P. R.E. mares and stallions at this time, we are forming professionel riders and training horses.

Besides preserving the Spanish School traditions our task is to form proffesionel dressage riders and horsemen for the next generations and to maintaine this fabulouse breeding of Domecq horses, with his very important ancient bloodlines.

In our riding school we made it possible to take advantage of our knowledge and horses also for riders who do not have the possibility to make the 3 years professionel rider training.

For these riders we offer the possibility to make a shorter one or two week training session or it is also possible to come for a few days intensive riding cours /our trainers speak English, Spanish, German, Hungarian/.

We offer an intensive clasical dressage riding holiday with sightseeing in the beautiful Budapest or even the amazing countrysides of Hungary.

With the fabulous Öregtölgy Guest House directly next to our stud we can offer you relaxed staing beetween the riding lessons.

In the weekend you can take advantage of the partner Hotel in the center of Budapest where you have a plenty of possibilities for sightseeing, restaurants, the famous thermal baths of the city and many other programs.

The intensive classical dressage riding course includes:

5 days of training from Monday to Friday. Each day with three different lectures.

We will begin the day with a seat correcting lounge lesson, where even the best riders can acheive more relaxed muscles for a more effective seat on the horse.

After a short rest we continue our day with the dressage lesson on one of our schoolmaster stallions. The level of the lessons will be adapted to your level of knowledge, but each rider will have the chance to experience a higher level of riding. Building up all lessons from important basic knowledge to high level exercises just as half passes, flying changes, piruetts, piaffe, passage. Besides the practical lessons you will hear a lot of theory about how to build up a horse and an exercise.

Finally you will have the chance to work in hand with one of our stallions, depending on your level. From Basic movements and gimnastics up to highschool jumps.

Between your lessons you will have the possibility to see the work of our more than 30 horses and our permanent students. You will get a look into the daily work of basic ridden youngsters up to schoolmaster stallions.


– 5 days intensive cours : 3 types of lessons per day (1 dressage lesson, 1 lounge seat correcting lesson, one in-hand work lesson/ day) 635 Euro

-4 nights with breakfast in Öregtölgy guest house next to the stud /room 200 Euro

-2 nights with breakfast in the center of Budapest Hotel SasOne /room 160 Euro

7 days holiday (5 days intensive classical dressage riding,2 day sightseeing) 995 Euro

Transfer, meal and sightseeing programs not included.

See more in: www.epona.hu , Öregtölgy Guest House Szár, www.sasone.hu

For further informations pleas contact us: epona@t-online.hu

Tel: Dorottya Borsó: + 36 30 9 857 470, Ágnes Borsó: + 36 30 9 832 533