We provide one-week long courses for advanced riders with the opportunity to ride horses of the Riding School (maximum two participants per course). The courses are available in Hungarian, English, German and Spanish.

Course contents:

  • daily training on the lunge to strengthen the seat of the rider

  • daily dressage training on horses complementing the rider’s level of riding

  • daily training with a horse in hand (from the basics to High school level depending on the rider’s aptitude)

Further logistics such as catering and accomodation are to be sorted out by the participant (nearby hotels include Hotel Gottwald in Tata, Báder fogadó in Bicske and a number of options in Herceghalom)


E-mail: epona.spanyol.lovasiksola@gmail.com
Tel.: Dorottya Borsó +36 30 9 857 470,
Ágnes Borsó +36 30 9832 533