Field of activity

Field of activity

Establishing contact with spanish horses means you get to know part of the spanish culture itself, and this is the main reason why we strived for a deeper knowledge of the equestrian culture of the Iberian peninsula.
During our visits to Spain we got acquainted with many stock farms, tradesmen and training centres. In the year of 2002 a spanish rejoneador (toreador on horseback) spent a month at our riding school to introduce the capacities of the 8 purebred spanish stallions of our stables to the Hungarian public, while one of our riders (Dorottya Borsó) and 5 of our horses spent six months with training at his stables in Merida.
Later on our riders – Dorottya Borsó and Ágnes Borsó – participated in courses of the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art of Jerez, and they also had the possibility to learn from the trainers of the Royal School at their private riding establishments.
Spanish master trainers visit us several times every year on the occasions of training camps or/and performances.
From 2002 Ágnes and Dorottya can be seen together with their spanish trainers on regular performances.
In 2007 we established the Spanish Riding School in cooperation with the Pettkó Szandtner specialised secondary school. In 2008 we bought 9 well trained stallions and 15 broodmares from the Domecq stud. The Epona Riding School is able to carry out breeding, educational and performance activities at the highest level. Our well trained stallions represents elite spanish bloodlines, and they secure the offsrings for our stud together with the best quality spanish mares.
In 2009 our dream has come true when we could perform in the Castle of Buda, in the Court of the Lions commemorating the pre-war Hungarian Spanish Riding School that was once popular all over Europe.
In 2010 the riding school continues its breeding and training activities, the result of which can be observed on shows of high standard.

Each year we pay a visit to Sevilla at the time of the greatest international show and exhibition of the purebred spanish horses, the SICAB, where the most important breeders’ exhibition takes place besides shows, dressage and carriage driving competitions. Breeders of purebred spanish horses arrive at this event from all parts of the world. This provides one of the best possibilities to become acquainted with people from the world of spanish horses and to follow the breeding of the purebred spanish horse in the world. In 2009 we had the honour to receive the prize for the best breeder outside Spain on the SICAB on a festive occasion.


Our riding school

Our riding school with a size of 23 hectares is located 42 kilometres to the west of Budapest in a beautiful, woodland scenery. Our stable has 25 boxes, and there are two outdoor riding rings and an indoor arena available for training. The grassy paddocks and the marvellous surroundings provide excellent possibilities for entertainment and relaxation for every horse.


Our riders and trainers


Ágnes Borsó was a seven-time member of the Hungarian National Team of Young Riders and Juniors, and twice Hungarian Junior Champion. She also participated in European Championships for Young Riders and Juniors. She is a qualified trainer and speaks four languages. She participated in the courses of the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art of Jerez, her horses are trained to Grand Prix level.

Dorottya Borsó trained more than six months at the riding school of a spanish rejoneador (toreador on horseback) and his family with 5 of her own horses. During this time she had the possibility to become acquainted with the spanish equestrian culture. She learned about bull-fighting, the so called vaquero and the breeders’ competitions, the special training of the spanish horse, etc. She participated in the courses of the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art of Jerez, where she was introduced to the methods of training from the ground and on long reins, too. She is a qualified trainer and speaks four languages.

The list of our spanish trainers include the above mentioned rejoneador (toreador on horseback), the trainer of the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art of Jerez, Luis Miguel Correa, and the member of the spanish National Dressage Team, Ignacio Lopez. We already organised a training camp held by the trainer José Maria Sanchez Cobos, master of the trainers of the Spanish Riding School.
We are also in cooperation with one of the founders of the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, with Alvaro Domecq, who visit us regularly and helps our work with his professional advice. His nephew, Antonio Domecq was also our guest, who is a famous rejoneo rider in Spain. Javier Ruiz, one of the chief riders of the Domecq stable participates regularly on our performances and helps with the training of our riders and horses during the preparations for the shows.

The first graduate of our school is Tamás Bálint, now an official rider of our team.
Our students are: Adrienn Kustár, Krisztina Tóth, Gitta Gelencsér, Petra, Gyurik, Enikő Kocsis, Mercédesz Grosán, Sarolta Balla, Imola Petrás, Andrea Molnár, Zoltán Fazekas, Norbert Kovács, Tamás Mánomics, Gábor Kovács



Our stallions were selected according to strict criteria in Spain out of hundreds of horses with the aim of creating a firm, steady foundation of excellent quality for the breeding of spanish horses in Hungary. The horses imported by our company were the first purebred spanish horses in Hungary, and today only these stallions have official naturalized breeding licenses. Being aware of the fact that we have extremely great responsibility regarding the acceleration of the breeding process of purebred spanish horses in our country, we selected our stallions from the best traditional spanish studs with the aim of representing in Hungary as many bloodlines as possible.
By now we have many top quality purebred mares imported to our country and the first foals were already born.
As the purebred spanish horse provided the foundation for several present-day horsebreeds, it is allowed to be used in the breeding of numerous other horsebreeds (for example the Lipizzaner breed, the Lusitano, etc.) for improving the breeding stocks.
Breeders from the Iberian peninsula and from South America established several new breeds that have an own stud book and federation by now, like the hispano-arabe, the cross bred of the purebred spanish horse and the purebred arabian, or the azteca, the combination of the purebred spanish horse and the quarter horse. Both breeds combine excellent characteristics and are used at bullfights or other shows and performances requiring a well-trained and attentive horse. Our stallions covered lipizzaner, shagya arabian and purebred arabian horses, frisian and halfblood mares, and the first foals were born in 2005. These successful combinations and the good prepotency of our stallions satisfied the owners of the mares and the horsemen in the country, so according to these achievements the number of covered mares is increasing every year.

Horses for sale


With the help of our contacts developed during many years, with our knowledge of the spanish language and with our experience we aim to help those who are seriously interested in buying a spanish horse for themselves. With the assistance of well-known breeders, vets, horsemen and riders (of the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art) we are able to find stallions and mares of different age, qualification grade and price category. We take the burden of the search for horses upon ourselves. We help the future owners with the organisation of the travelling and the transportation as we developed good relations with several reliable partners during our numerous purchase of spanish horses.
There are several foals born in our own stud- our mares and stallions represent important bloodlines and are related to the olympic horses of Spain, to the best dressage horses and to the horses of the Royal Andalusian School of Jerez (e. g. Invasor, Granadero, Osado). We currently offer mares and young stallions to buy (for more information see Horses for sale menu on the top)
Fortunately our stock of spanish horses is continuously increasing in number; we can provide all the information about spanish foals born in Hungary and about the imported horses for sale.

Shows and performances


From 2002 on we deliver performances within the frames of various programmes with our well-trained horses in order to popularize and propagate the spanish horse and the spanish equestrian culture. Besides our riders Ágnes Borsó and Dorottya Borsó we have rejoneadors (toreador on horseback) from Spain at our disposal. We demonstrate the exercises of the high school and the exercises of classical dressage on these performances. The rejoneador presents the spectators an imitated bullfight and the work with the so called garrocha (a long pike with which the bull is controlled and led) in the vaquero (spanish bullfighter-rider) riding style.
Up to now we have participated on the performances of Kaposvár, Komárom, Szilvásávrad, Bábolna, Budapest and numerous other shows, the most prestigious of which was the 2005 Apassionata 2005 in the Arena of Budapest, where our riders were the only Hungarian participants.

In the year of 2006 a great dream of ours has come true by organizing a show-programme with exclusively Hungarian participants on the Apassionata show illustrating the history of the Hungarian equestrian culture. Designer and organiser of the show – with the help and cooperation of Showtime Budapest and Equiarte - were the Epona Ltd., Béláné Borsó and Béla Borsó. The spanish horses of the establishment appeared in the baroque scenes and the scenes of the age of king Matthias.
We appeared on the national gallop event, the Nemzeti Vágta (2008, 2009) and on the OTP World Cup Qualifiers (2007, 2008, 2009).
In 2007 the Epona Spanish Riding School was established with the cooperation of the specialised secondary school Pettkó Szandtner. We extended our stock due to the increasing number of our student.
In 2009 another great dream of ours has come true, when we began our performance sin the Castle of Buda, in the Court of the Lions, commemorating the pre-war Hungarian Spanish Riding School.
From April, 2010 until October, 2010 we are going to have weekly performance sin the Court of the Lions in the evenings.
On 26-28. March, 2010 we are going to present a galaprogram on the Equifest.
In addition to this, we participate both in our home country and in foreign countries in important shows and performances.

Education and training


In 2007 we established the Epona Spanish Riding School in cooperation with the Pettkó Szandtner specialised secondary school and the University of West Hungary.

Our student have 20 well trained stallions at their disposal. The trainings are held by Ágnes and Dorottya Borsó, while the secondary school and the university take a share in the theoretical education.
The students have the possibility to acquire high-standar riding skills, and can get acquainted with breeding, horse-boarding and training of young horses, too.
They are able to show their skills on several performances already during their schoolyears.

Our aim is to improve Hungarian equestrianism with professionals, to popularize our equestrian culture and to extend the stock of spanish horses with stallions and mares of the best quality.

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